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Products - Commercial construction - Wall panels

They are an interesting alternative for siding made of plastics. They are meant for commercial and industrial objects. Covered with polyester or plastisol – they form very effective external and internal wall and roof surface. Panels’ structure makes it possible to assemble them either horizontally or vertically practically on any surface. Panels are made from galvanized steel sheet metals. The offer, excluding panels, consists of sets of additional elements indispensable for finishing works, i.e. in buildings’ corners and window spaces – flashings, insulation tapes and joints.

Functions: Technical details:
  • Walling elements laidt horizontally and vertically
  • External and internal walling elements
  • Length: on clients’ request
  • Max. length: 6 m
  • Width: from 200 to 350 mm
  • Thickness: 0,50 mm; 0,60 mm, 0,70 mm
  • Organic coatings: polyester , PVC(P)HPS200
  • Colouring: wide range of Balex Metal colours
  • Material: S280GD + Z275
  • Commercial objects
  • Offices
  • Industrial objects
  • Hotels, hostels
  • Elevation
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