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2013-05-24, 15:08

Safe and stylish HOUSE according to Polish Consumers

Over 20 years' experience and satisfaction from usage - Complete Roof System.

2013-02-08, 14:47

BUDMA 2013 recognition for modern thermoinsulation THERMANO

Almost 10% of those being in the process of investment changed earlier chosen solution for Thermano panels!

2013-01-29, 14:36

NOVELTY! THERMANO modern and versatile thermo insulation panels

More effective thermo insulation than polystyrene or mineral wool? Yes, Thermano. We begin a new era of thermo insulation and reduce the bills.

2012-11-08, 08:00

FireSTOP. BALEXTHERM fire resistant panels with the best European coefficient EI60

We take pleasure to inform, that cold store sandwich panels BALEXTHERM-PU-F have achieved the best in Europe fire- resistance classification EI60/EW60.

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