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Uutiset - NOVELTY! THERMANO modern and versatile thermo insulation panels

2013-01-29, 14:36

Dear Sirs,

We inform with great pleasure, that Balex Metal introduces into its offer a new trade mark of thermo insulation under a name THERMANO. It is the next step in established business strategy being an answer to needs of investors, constructors and architects searching for products significantly reducing the use of heat energy, available on demand and easy in assembly. More > www.thermano.eu

The ambition of THERMANO trade mark is energy being a way for a good, effective life. The physical and technical properties make the products of the trade mark perfect in its simplicity:

  1. THERMANO is a rigid polyisocjanurate thermo insulation panel 100% free of Freon1.
  2. Versatile application – ideal solution both for various types of roofs, walls and floors as well as for a special usage (agro, vent tubes)
  3. It guarantees higher effectiveness comparing to polystyrene and mineral wool, it is possible to save approx. 40% of the lost energy thanks to Thermano product (depending on division type)
  4. Fully resistant to infiltration of water and insensible to air infiltration, rigid and hard to squeeze
  5. Guarantees energetic safety for the whole exploitation period, durability at least 25 years
  6. Pro-ecological and safe for natural environment

We invite you to THERMANATE :) a new era of thermo insulation has begun. Gain more energy, gain more from life. ORDER product catalogue and fill in the FORM

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