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Uutiset - BUDMA 2013 recognition for modern thermoinsulation THERMANO

2013-02-08, 14:47

Dear Sirs,

On 29.01 – 01.02.2013 took place inauguration of THERMANO trade mark during International Building&Construction Fairs BUDMA. Innovative thermo insulation in BALEX METAL offer is a product of the highest energetic efficiency and the best solution on the market. The fairs fructified in building very positive image of the new and versatile insulation Thermano – both among visitors on the stand, as well as among opinion-forming environment. During the fairs the image was awarded by ACANTHUS AUREUS – as a stand being conductive to realization of marketing strategy.

The product exposition every day gathered very large group of Visitors – altogether during the fairs the Thermano stand hosted approx. 6 000 Visitors. The Customers were vividly interested in warming walls, roofs and floors, which from the first month of usage reduces energy looses and guaranties durability for at least 25 years. The real hit was fair’s special offer “Hot prices”, which was used by numerous group of Customers - almost 10% of those being in the process of investment changed earlier chosen solution for Thermano panels and signed orders during the fairs – it pleases us the most and is an evidence for superiority of the insulation to other solutions.

Product will be available in regular offer from June 2013.

We take care of market value of the building and your money. www.thermano.eu

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